Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Hackney Wick

On Saturday, still not quite recovered from the night before, we decided to finally get out of Stoke and go exploring. Someone recommended Hackney Wick and we went along with the suggestion, which I didn't regret at all!

We weren't quite sure what we are going to find, and where exactly we should go once we get out of the tube station, but that made it even more interesting. 

So we found this cute place - great old tunes, all kinds of bbq meats and ice cold beers (plus canal views).

Then off we went for a walk...

Just around the corner we came across this building, slipped through it's small entrance and found ourselves in a brewery and pizza place.

Dog the Beggar. He kept walking to every single person eating pizza and begging for a slice, but I don't think anyone shared (pizza must of been too good)!

On the way back to the station we met another huge dog.

Aaand last shot of Hackney Wick before hopping on the tube!


Wednesday, 4 September 2013


We finally moved in to our new house in London, and I love it!

The weather's been amazing so far, I feel like on a holiday in some lazy seaside town. It is truly beautiful here.


And a few snaps from our new home...

I mainly have been exploring and enjoying what Stoke Newington has to offer, it seems like there's loads of lovely places to visit around here, however, I'm really looking forward to getting out to other parts of the city. 

London, you're a babe in the sunshine!