Friday, 26 October 2012

Day in London

My friend and I planned a trip to London - originally it was meant to involve us going to Autumn Graduate Fair, but that just didn't seem as fun as visiting galleries around the capital. So we did that instead! 
My sister lives in London, so she was glad to join us for a day of artsy fun. We headed to Chelsea's Saatchi Gallery, which is a temporary home for The Little Black Jacket photographic exhibition.

113 Karl Lagerfeld's photographs show the timeless beauty of CHANEL's iconic black jacket, modelled on a range of actresses, singers and models whilst reflecting their own unique styles in each image .

In the middle of one of the rooms there are piles of posters with three different prints by K. Lagerfeld, and the guests of the exhibition are welcome to take one home.

Lina, me and Agne. Oh wait, it's not Agne, but an overly excited employee of the gallery.  

Take two. Me, Lina and Agne.

Without wasting no time we headed to Shoreditch to grab a quick bite of Caribbean food, followed by StolenSpace Gallery, which is hosting an exhibition of works by Shepard Fairey. 


After wandering around in the Brick Lane, and visiting few of it's vintage shops we all needed to rest our feet and revive ourselves with a nice hot coffee. We quickly regained our strength, met another friend in town and as some of us were getting slightly peckish and others extremely hungry, we decided to go to Leon in Soho to quench our thirst with red wine while trying out their new menu. We ordered lots of small dishes, which are healthy, hearty and proved the beliefs of Leon restaurants - the food should taste good and do you good.

After some yummy deserts and more wine Agne and I had to catch the train back to Birmingham, which made us quite sad, so we made sure we have a bottle of red wine for the train to keep us entertained! 


  1. Good job for the write up ;)

    1. Thanks, maybe next time write your name at the end of the comment, so I know who is this ;D

  2. Nice job!! Great photos. *Secret Admire*

    1. Secret Admirer aka AGNE, the special person I live with..

  3. super pics...i have sf's 'mayday' book....i will show you sometime ;)