Friday, 16 August 2013

London Calling

Last few weeks I've been living in between Birmingham and London - most of my friends, sister, and now boyfriend too, lives in the capital, so Agne and I made the decision to get our butts out of Birmingham.

It's a bit like an adventure for us, we left our jobs (that we quite recently started) and started looking for a nice little place to move to. My sister will be joining us, so it'll be three musketeers living together once again.

Here's a quick photo update of what I managed to do and see while in between house viewings and all that jazz.

 We went to Meat Mission in Hoxton Market a couple of times for some grub, their wings are so so SO good.

My local-to-be chippy.

 Another local-to-be, lovely cafe with lots of knick-knacks to stare at. 

After a long search and full diary of house viewings we have picked the house and are now just awaiting for the date of move.

Hello London!



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