Friday, 4 January 2013

Instagram Catch Up

The end of December was a busy period - Christmas, birthday, New Years Eve... All that eating, drinking, traveling and recovering! 
And I know, I abandoned the blog a little, but here's what I've been up to.

I got my hair chopped off just before my birthday, I felt like I needed a change, as I've had long hair for a while.

At 9am on my birthday Agne comes in to my bedroom singing 'Happy birthday' and carrying a cheesecake with candles, way too early! But then she brought glasses of champagne jelly, that she made from scratch, and I was wide awake! Very impressive, chef.

Then there was a birthday dinner at Le Truc, great food and company.

On New Years Eve I got a train to London for a late birthday dinner with my sister and Simona, we went to Flat Iron restaurant to try the steaks, and we were not disappointed! 

There was no cake, but Lina surprised us with Birthday/New Year cupcakes. I wish I had a lifetime supply of these badboys. 

Happy New Year from Corsica club, danced until I couldn't walk anymore!

Next afternoon looked like spring has come to the capital, cherry blossoms and blue skies...

Boyfriend and I had to catch a train back to Brum, while he was sleeping, I was smiling at birthday pressies from my London gals.

Festive period is all over now, and everyone knows January is the time to suddenly feel sorry for your liver, maybe start a detox cleanse / join a gym and start planning a sunny getaway. I don't have any New Year resolutions yet, but I have already started making changes in my diet as I want to get the good eating habits back, which I had before I let myself go in December. We will see how that goes.

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